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Big Liz...

Today I will tell you the Tail of Big Lizz. Big Lizz was a slave, but she was also a spy form the Union, telling them the activities of her Confederate sympathizing master. Unfortunately, he found out. He asked her to accompany him to the Greenbriar Swamp to help him hide some money from the Union army, Big Lizz thought it was a good idea for her to see where the money was hidden, so she could report it back to the Union. After she dug the hole her master attacked her and decapitated her leaving her body in the hole with the money. Now she haunts DeCoursey Bridge, holding her head in one hand and beckoning to onlookers to follow her to the spot where her master's money is buried. But anyone who ventures after her doesn't return. Want to get a glimpse of Big Lizz? 1. Park on the bridge at midnight. 2. Flash the headlights twice and turn off the car. 3. Prepare to see what comes next.

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