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Have you encountered the Wesawahuhi in North Carolina?

People are reporting sightings of some kind of Cryptid in Charlotte, North Carolina. The creature seems to be a Owl/Cat hybrid creature. 2 people talked about their experiences on the Katie Black Show

OUr research indicates that the local Native American tribes have tales of Cat and Owl creatures that could shape shift and change, We have dubbed this creature the Wesawahuhi (Cat/Owl). In Native American lore these creatures could be benevolent, or malevolent sometimes a harbinger of things to come, or a guardian spirit. Perhaps Charlotte has it's own version of the "mothman". Only time will tell. Have you had a similar experience? Tell Us about it. Also check out our friend 🕯Charlotte is Spooky🕯 (@spookyclt) | Instagram for more information as well. We want to document as many sightings as possible.

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