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The Sad Story of Dr. Mudd

Have you ever heard the saying? Your name is mud? Did you ever wonder where it came from? Well, it all started with the assassination of President Lincoln. After John Wilkes Booth had killed the president, he leaped to the stage and fractured his leg. Booth then fled from DC and made his way to Waldorf Maryland, and in the wee hours of the morning April 15, 1865 he came upon the home of Dr. Samuel Mudd. Booth told the good doctor his name was Mr. Tyler and he had injured himself falling off his horse. The doctor mending his leg and the next day Booth left. Unfortunately, some of Booths belongings were left behind, and discovered by authorities, the Good Doctor was arrested and sent to prison as a conspirator. He served 4 years and was then pardoned but by then the damage was done. His reputation was no better than dirt, or mud. Soon his name became an insult. It wasn’t until 1979 that Dr. Mudd was declared innocent, but by then the phrase had stuck and his name continued to be used as a sign of disgrace. Perhaps that is why his home is considered one of the most haunted places in Maryland, the Poor Dr. Has not been permitted to rest in peace. For more stories of folklore and monsters or to hear my phenomenal podcast “The Fedora Files” head on over to As always stay safe and keep searching…

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