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The First Avengers

Today I want to tell you about “The Avengers” no not the band of block busting superheroes you know, but the Jewish Assassins who hunted down Nazi War Criminals. The men lead by Abba Kovner vowed to avenge the over 6 million murders that occurred due to the Holocaust. The Avengers hunted down Nazis one by one. Often times masquerading themselves as Allied MPs, they would make bogus arrests, but their prisoners never made it to any jail cell.

The Avengers were also known for breaking into the homes of men who’d worked in the death camps and hang them in their garages, staging their assassinations to look like suicides. No one seemed to notice or care when an unusually high number of ex-Nazis started showing up dead along the sides of highways, covered in tire tracks.

The Avengers were so hardcore that once they even slipped into a hospital and injected a former Gestapo agent with a syringe full of kerosene. The Avengers were truly on a mission. They went all over the world, from Europe to South America, wreaking Old Testament wrath of God vengeance on the men who’d perpetrated the Holocaust.

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