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Melon Heads

Today we will be looking into the legend of the Melon Heads. You see Melon Heads is the name given to the legendary beings that live in the forests of Michigan, Connecticut, and Ohio. The creatures are said to appear remotely human with bulbous, melon-like heads. Different variations of the legend attribute different origins to these bobble-headed monsters. Ohio says a man known as Doctor Crow experimented on abandoned children turning them into grotesque monsters. In Michigan it is said they escaped from Junction Insane Asylum near Felt Mansion after years of torture that turned them into big headed beasts. In Connecticut the story goes that they were escapees from an asylum for the criminally insane who resorted to cannibalism which for some reason gave them large swollen heads. In all three tales the creatures like to lurk around lonely bridges deep in the woods, waiting for lone travelers on which they can prey. (Much like the tales of Trolls long ago)

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