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Life get's busy from time to time.

Hello Cryptos,

I apologize for not posting much the past few days. I was out in the field doing some research. I am excited to say I was able to shoot the next episode of "Monster Monday", It will surely tantalize your minds. Tomorrow we have another fantastic episode of "The Fedora Files" coming your way, so get ready for that. If you are into health and fitness this one will be right up your alley. I talk with Patrick and Sarah who run a fun online fitness challenge known as "The Thunderbolt Challenge".

I am also diligently working on typing out and photographing the next entry of my Great Grandfathers journal. I have to say I have been enjoying reading and sharing this story with you as it gives me another puzzle piece into who he was and how he thought. My father always said I reminded him of his grandfather.

Well I am off to begin work on editing the next episode of "Monster Monday" for you all. As always stay safe and keep searching.

Yours Truly,

G. Fedora.

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