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Happy Friday my Friends

Hello Cyrptos,

I have some exciting things happening. Monday is the all-new Monster Monday so don’t forget to check it out. I am also working diligently on putting together the next podcast for you, D'mylus who is an expert on the Tiki Culture sat down and spoke with me about its influence and history. You won’t want to miss that one. Also, next Tuesday I will be releasing the first entry of my Great Grandfather C.I. Fedora’s journal. I plan to try to release all his journal entries as I have time. I have to say it is captivating to read his words and see what he had gotten into over a hundred years ago. Please keep coming back, check out all my podcasts, and monster Monday videos, and feel free to send me a message if you know of a creature in your vicinity that you feels merits to be studied.

Yours Truly,

G. Fedora

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