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Hello Cryptos,

So, I met up with my good friend Chip Stetson in Gettysburg last night. We had a wonderful time. If you are ever in the area you need to definitely check out the food is outstanding and the service above reproach. I recommend the Scotch Eggs and THE GARRYOWEN BURGER! You will thank me. Of course, it goes best with a pint of one of their draft beers (or a Shirley Temple if you are abstaining from beer).

We had some time to see the battlefield at night, which is one of the largest in the Western Hemisphere over 20 square miles. It is truly hallowed ground as you think of the number of lives lost in that battle (there were well over 40,000 casualties). We decided to try out a “Ghost Tour” we decided upon which I must say our guide was a cornucopia of knowledge on the History of that battle as well as a walking Library of stories that will send your mind whirling into the depth of paranormal pleasure. All in all, it was a fun little jaunt, and I hope to go back with Chip and do a full-on investigation. I will be posting some photos and video of our adventures there in the coming weeks.

Yours Truly,

G. Fedora

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