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Captain Blood...

Today let me tell you how Irish adventurer “Captain Blood” stole the crown jewels of England. Thomas Blood had lost his land to the English Monarchy. That did not sit well with him as it had been in his family for a long time.

He decided to take his revenge. One night he dressed as a priest and arrived at London Tower. He convinced the guard to hand over his weapons. He then went in with some accomplices to steal the crown. He smashed the crown flat and made his way out of the tower. Unfortunately, as he and his friends were leaving more guards arrived and he was apprehended.

He was then brought before King Charles II. The punishment for such a crime was life imprisonment at the very least, however the King was so impressed with Captain Blood’s audacity that he restored his estates and made him a member of the court with an annual pension.

Captain blood became a colorful celebrity all across the kingdom.

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