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C.I. Fedora Journal Entry 3

Hello Cryptos,

Sorry it has taken me so long get to this third entry. I have been laboring hard on the next few "Monster Monday" videos, as well as looking into a mysterious creature that seems to be terrorizing a town in Florida (I'll share more on that later). With out further ado, here is the 3rd entry from my Great Grandfather C.I. Fedora's journal.

Yours Truly,

G. Fedora

Transcribed for easier reading:

31 May 1912

Philip woke me up before the porter arrived with breakfast. I’m glad we have adjoining cabins and are not sharing a berth or the lad would have awoken me before the roosters. He is still going over all the stories and tales I’ve gathered of the Lizard Man as if we haven’t gone over them a hundred times already. Oh well, I can’t fault the boy for his youthful enthusiasm.

I do hope Daniel has everything prepared for us when we arrive in a few days. Growing up on a farm and ranch has given him enough experience as to what will be required for us over the coming weeks so I have complete faith in the boy.

Philip is still talking as the sun begins to set. I may retire early this evening.

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