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C.I. Fedora Journal Entry 1

Bellow you will find the photographs of my Great Grandfathers Journal. I have also taken the time to type out the journal entry so that you can read it more easily.

Keep searching,

G. Fedora.

29 May 1912

I should be asleep. My train leaves early tomorrow morning but I wish I could be on my way this very minute. My bags have been packed for three days and I’ve been pacing the floor, watching the clock and driving my poor wife Estelle mad. I feel like a child in the pre-dawn hours of Christmas morn. Everything has been leading up to this and I’m growing impatient to start. So in order to induce myself to sleep (or at least allow Estelle to sleep) I’m beginning my journal a day early.

Having secured the necessary funding from the university after fifteen months of badgering and begging the expedition finally begins tomorrow, so I feel I should set the stage as it were. Other than myself the expedition currently consists of only two university students who were brave enough to volunteer, with allotment made for their travel expenses and course credit – Daniel Vaughn and Philip Stanford. Both are good lads and fine biology students. Daniel departed a week ago to make sure the necessary arrangements were ready and waiting for us. Philip will be accompanying me tomorrow.

It seems I’ve neglected to state the nature of the expedition, such is my excitement. After much research into local myths and a minimum of dubious evidence I have decided to journey to New Mexico and discover some tangible proof of the existence of the fabled Lizard Man of El Guano.

Estelle is awake and making me some tea now to help me sleep. The journal entry will keep until tomorrow on the train.

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