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C.I. Fedora Entry 2

I truly am excited to reveal more of my Great Grandfather's Journal with you. It is a delight to read his words and it is difficult for me to put down. But alas I have my own adventures to tend to. But here is the second entry; I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Yours Truly,

G. Fedora

Transcribed for easier reading:

30 May 1912

I kissed Estelle goodbye at the station this morning, hugged the children, and now I am finally on the way to New Mexico to begin the hunt for the Lizard Man of El Guano. If the train reaches its destination on time Philip and I should arrive in Santa Fe on 4 June. It’s amazing how quickly one can now transverse this country. Philip makes for a nice traveling companion and I’m sure he will prove invaluable on the expedition. He’s one of my top biology students, enthusiastic and quite a conversationalist. The lad has been talking a mile-a-minute since the train left the station. He seems as eager as I to uncover the mysteries that await us.

Not much is known of the Lizard Man. Most of the information I’ve gathered is based largely on local legend, native folklore and dubious sightings that have been reported after more than a fair share of a bottle. Some of my colleagues have criticized and mocked me for my undertaking such a quest but there is something about this that has drawn me in. Besides, it won’t hurt my professional reputation as an educator; the least it can do is give me a reputation. Ha!

The rocking of the train seems to be lulling me to sleep. (Goodnight, Estelle.)

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